Anxiety. When we are in fight or flight and anxious, we feel out of control. Earlier this week, I felt myself in this place of stress when dealing with the pandemic. After discussing my feelings with colleagues, I was reminded to return to my core values. I shifted my focus and was able to change my mindset.

My core values are connection/community, security, health/self-care and learning. When I looked at these values, I realized I felt they were threatened by the pandemic happening around me.

So I had a good talk with myself and focused on bringing more support of these values in my life, in the comfort of my home.

Here’s what I did.

Connection: I called some friends and family to connect. I texted others, and we share pictures of our daily lives.

Self-Care/Health: I added in some supplements to calm my nervous system, started a daily meditation practice, ensured I was getting out for a walk and doing my usual pilates/biking routines. I started a puzzle (amazing for letting go of thoughts) and increased reading.

Learning: I went down my rabbit-hole into analyzer mode and learned about treatments I can offer for fibroids.
I wrote out the above, listing my values and things I wanted to do around the house to feel like I was meeting these. I’m a firm believer that pen to paper allows our brain to process our thoughts and then seeing it written down gives us a sense of accomplishment and a plan to carry forward, all of which help anxiety because we have a sense of control.

If we know what our core values are and then we focus on making sure those are getting met. Our anxiety will dissipate, and our vibrational energy will shift into a more calm and controlled feeling.

So how do you find out what your core values are? Next up for my next post!

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