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This is how my patients felt when they came to work with me; note if you have ever felt the same.

Are you in your late 30’s or 40’s experiencing any of the following?

✔️Perplexingly Low Energy
✔️High Stress
✔️PMS (irritability, impatience, insomnia, breast tenderness, bloating, weight gain)
✔️ Fierce mood swings throughout the month
✔️ Overwhelming craving carbs and sweets
✔️ Intense hot flashes

✔️ Difficulty sleeping – hard to fall asleep and/or waking through the night or tossing & turning
✔️ Frustrating weight gan regardless of diet or exercise
✔️ Embarrassing hair loss
✔️ Low libido leaving you feeling sad or confused
✔️ Unexplained acne
✔️ Uncomfortable gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation
✔️ Burning reflux

Time and time again, you’ve turned to “Dr. Google” for answers, only to be left feeling overloaded with information.

You’ve spoken to your doctor who, after running labs, shares the results: “Everything came back normal!” Or “this comes with age…”

You’re gaining weight in the tummy, more forgetful, and are an emotional mess when your periods come.

You’re stressed, dumbfounded and consumed by these symptoms.

You know something is wrong, but no one can give you the answers you need.



First of all –  You Are Not Alone.



I work with women every day feeling the same way you are. I’m also here to share with you an interesting option – Peri-Menopause.

Before you conclude that “I’m too young to experience menopause”.

I want you to know this is actually very common.

The hormonal ups and downs can begin in your 30s. It’s a dance that you don’t know the steps to YET….


But don’t worry, I am here to guide you!



As we age and transition into perimenopause, estrogen often takes the lead, accompanied by the stress hormone cortisol. This tandem can set the stage for weight gain, hot flashes, PMS irritability, breast tenderness, heavier periods, bloating, unrelentless sleeplessnes and heightened sensitivity during PMS.

Note – the earlier we support our changing health in our 40s, the greater the likelihood of fewer symptoms later on.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative!
Let’s approach your 30s, 40s, and 50s with energy, joy, and confidence!

Connect with Jennifer Bunzenmeyer

You’re ready to
your health!

Here is how!

Option One

10 week Online Educational Series Group Program ($2500) where we work on Pillar 1 of my Bunzenmeyer Method of care – Nutrition, Stress & Sleep.
We also overview Pillars 2-4 of my method- Gut health, specific hormonal health tips and Aging Gracefully so you can understand how working on these things can profoundly change your health!   

The 10-week Online Education Series Group Program includes:

  • Weekly Educational Video modules to help build your knowledge of perimenopause and what I coin the “Basics” of Hormonal success- Nutrition, Sleep and stress PLUS bonuses of Gut health & Aging Gracefully information (my way of saying Anti-Aging).
  • Bonus module on how to find your Core Values to build your life in alignment with your values so you can feel a life of purpose & fulfillment.
  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Q & A sessions with me for 10 wks (5 sessions)–ask me anything as you watch the weekly videos to understand more! It’s accountability, support, and a community all in one. On these calls, ask anything about your burning questions- believe me- lots of questions come up!
  • Weekly Monday Morning Mindset Video– to help you set your intention for the week.
  • Learn WHY you feel the way you do in perimenopause & what systems in the body are most optimal to address according to my clinical methodology- the Bunzenmeyer Method.
  • Go at your own pace – start anytime – the video modules will be sent weekly and Q & A sessions continue bi-weekly for 10 weeks from the start of your purchase. 
  • ** This program is not a “Doctor-Patient” relationship.  The information and content provided in the program material is for general educational and informational purposes only and is not professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care, nor is it intended to be a substitute therefor.

Video Modules Encompass: 

Module 1 – What the heck is going on in Perimenopause – Part 1

Module 2 – What the heck is going on in Perimenopause – Part 2 

Module 3 – Nutrition Principles for Perimenopause 

Module 4 – Structuring diet and diet ideas  

Module 5 – Stress & how its affecting your hormones 

Module 6 – Sleep – why can’t you sleep? 


Module 7 – The Gut and how it impacts hormones 

Module 8 – Aging Gracefully- education on prevention of Cardiovascular/Bone (osteoporosis) and Dementia risk Part 1 

Module 9 – Aging Gracefully continued- Part 2- there is ALOT to say here!

Module 10– Movement & Mindset 

Bonus Module– Core values to live an Aligned Life of Fulfilment


Option Add-on:  1:1 consult with Dr Jenn for Alberta residents at a program rate of $600 to assess individual needs. (Email our office to book this consultation internally- you will be charged after your visit with Dr Jenn this $600.)

This 1:1 consultation is an in-depth exploration of your Individualized Supplement Program tailored exactly to your current perimenopausal needs!


** The 1st Video Module will get emailed April 15th, 2024.  Q & A sessions will start
April 24th at Noon MST and will be bi-weekly.

I’m by your side on this journey!

Option Two

ONE ON ONE Deep Dive Strategic Naturopathic Care with me- the Wholistic Women’s Hormone Program (6 months) will include an INDIVIDUALIZED program for you aligning with the foundational principles of primary care that cater to your unique health needs! 


  • Hormonal health support for conditions like endometriosis, perimenopause like estrogen dominance, uterine fibroids, heavy bleeding, PMS, PCOS etc.
  • Gut Health – IBS/SIBO or Candida protocols and/OR Digestive Function support including enzymes, liver/gallbladder or the like given when needed
  • Nutrition is a main pillar of health – your plan will include teaching you how to build an optimal meals and snacks with the right macros in each.  Meal ideas and recipes also given.
  • Stress Resiliency program – to build up your gas tank for your stress and nervous systems 
  • Sleep hygiene  
  • And more as needed individually! 


In the one-on-one Wholistic Women’s Hormone Program, we collaborate to elevate your well-being and transform your health, moving you through your mid-life gracefully ( and energetically!). This comprehensive program is centered around hormones encompassing vital factors like digestion, gut health, nutrition, sleep, AND the elephant-in-the-room STRESS!

That’s right – you get:

1 Initial Wholistic Women’s Strategy Session in-office visit with physical exam (or Video + in-office physical if you prefer) **

1 on 1 with me to dive into your symptoms and come up with a momentum forward program individualized to your health! You’re own personal naturopathic plan (Investment $700) 

5 monthly 1 on 1 virtual video strategy sessions** for us to work strategically together – this is a crucial aspect of your care- I need my eyes on your health monthly to assess how your body is responding to your program and provide tailored experienced momentum forward advice to keep your health moving forward (Investment $1300)

Hormonal assessment – either through blood testing (individual pricing) or the DUTCH Complete Hormone Test & customized Analysis This test is a complete assessment of your hormones.  (Value $650)

Upgrade your 1:1 Care by also opting in for the above 10-week Online Educational Series Group Coaching program – for $2300.  The above programs complements and deepens your 1:1 care with me.


It’s accountability, support, and a community all in one. On these calls, we will have guided conversations for your burning questions (Value $2500)


** Each 1:1 visit with me is booked separately and charged at the time of the visit.


Are You Ready?

I have made it my life’s mission to guide women, just like you, through this
rollercoaster of hormonal shifts so you can live your juiciest life!

How The Wholistic Women’s Hormone Program Will Help YOU!  

Change does NOT happen overnight – hormones and lifestyle changes take time to evolve. 
I found after 20 years of experience and hundreds of women that a 6-month program is the perfect amount of time to achieve these results. 

I will be working with you one-on-one monthly for individualized strategy sessions so you can live the active, exciting and joyful live you want to LIVE!

Upgrade to my 10-week Online Educational Series Group Program (Value $900, but in this program offered for $800) to get weekly videos to watch and learn everything you need to know about perimenopause.

• PLUS group Q & A Zoom calls with women just like you, going through the same challenges as you, so you don’t feel alone! You need accountability and ongoing support!
• This program offers the best of both worlds: one-on-one care with community group support!
• UPGRADE HERE TO MY 10-week Online Educational Series Group Program alongside your 1:1 Strategic Naturopathic Care!

For the last 20 years, I’ve been helping hundreds of women just like you work through this transition of peri-menopause, and I’m ready to share with you the process that I’ve mastered.

You can do this! 

The Wholistic Women’s Hormone 6 month Program will transform how you approach your health by teaching, supporting, and providing the needed structure to take the next steps gracefully and with intention forward into mid-life.

This phase of life is all about you. Many of the women I’ve worked with are at the point of their lives where they are ready for their next chapter, the chapter where they focus on themselves! They are often moving back into finding themselves since having a family. They desire to enjoy the freedom and excitement of this stage of life, like girl’s nights, date nights with their partner, an enjoyable sex life, travel, levelling up in their careers, new hobbies, and so, so much more!

You’ve been putting everyone else first for YEARS; now’s the time to step into your health.

Feel whole, balanced and rejuvenated.

The women I work with are able to do what they want when they want.

They have energy, and they are living a fulfilled life because they can. They can now use their voice to speak up and stand tall in who they are! They live authentically with purpose!


Are you ready?


You can do this – I’d be honored to be your CPI (Chief PI of Health)  & Cheerleader!

Hurry- only a limited amount of seats for this program are accepted each month to work one on one with me.

Want Option 1 – Click below for the 10-week Online Educational Series Group Program ($2500)

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