As you have heard from previous Facebook posts, I’m reading “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. She talks about how we hold back in so many ways often- hold back our ideas at work, with what we really want to do, what we want to say- due to fear of what others will think…. That it’s a “stupid” idea…. because we don’t think we’re smart enough, thin enough, ______ enough (fill in the blank). This work is part of the work that I encourage clients to do- we all have these gremlins that are telling us to not go for it, to hold back….. but this equates to us shrivelling inside… to not going for what we need…. And then this eventually over time dampens our mood, makes us feel more stressed (those negative thoughts do a number!)… make us feel anxious and even tired- because we are not feeding ourselves with what we need. This is where I work with people- yes I can give naturopathic remedies for anxiety, for depression, for stress- and yes they will help support the physical body and will help with the nervous system which can help the emotional thoughts. BUT- there is a mental/emotional connection that is important to look at. And if we look at it- and we work at it (it takes practice!)- we will make strides- and start creating what we want. And then we won’t need the anti-anxiety/depressants or stress remedies.
This is what I’ve discovered in practice- there is a line- where physical and emotional connects. Yes- sometimes the physical support is needed- that’s when I will give adrenal support or other things to strengthen the body. But the mental/emotional part is important too. That’s what I want to recognize and highlight to people. That’s where I want to meet people- to acknowledge how difficult it is- how scary it is- but that we can work at it together. I want to be a health practitioner who can see both sides- the physical AND emotional- how they interact with each other. I think people need to have this acknowledgement- sometimes they have never made the connection or no one has ever listened to hear how important this connection is. I want to hear the experiences that have contributed to your health and acknowledge how that mental/emotional aspect has affected the physical. And then together- we get you the help you need to work on BOTH!!!
That is where I work. That is what I am so incredibly passionate about- where the emotional meets the physical. That is where I believe if we work- we will heal.

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