Virtual Consults

Covid has prompted a universal change to medicine including virtual consults via video or phone. Now offering a secure, convenient way to meet from the comfort of your own space.

Get one-on-one healthcare with a registered Naturopathic Doctor


Using a secure software platform called “Jane” I am able to offer a convenient way for Alberta clients to access healthcare. From the comfort of your home or office (or car for that matter), it provides a convenient way for you to fit in regular “forward momentum” sessions to help you achieve better health!

Many clients prefer Virtual Consults because of its convenience.


  • No travel time– easier to fit into their busy home & work life.
  • No parking issues!
  • Flexibility with work and child schedules. It’s easier to book an hour out of their work schedule than a ½ a day or to have children at home playing while we meet- so chances are they stay more committed to their health regimen with regular strategizing sessions.
  • Winter in Alberta often means unenjoyable driving. You no longer need to worry about this with virtual appointments!
Virtual Naturopath Consult

Valuable healthcare from the comfort of your own space


One-on-one healthcare with a registered Naturopathic Doctor 

Your care is comprehensive and will include a full health history, analysis of lab work, x-rays and ultrasounds with consideration of naturopathic reference ranges and a full Naturopathic Treatment Program all provided virtually. Physical exams will be done in-office after your first virtual visit and prior to providing your treatment plan. Regular follow-up visits will be virtual. In-person physical exams are available when needed.

Keeping you Accountable. As a naturopathic doctor – think of me as your health coach with medical knowledge, health metrics and strategies to keep you accountable and moving forward on your health journey. My clients love my positive disposition.  They often tell me that I am a source of motivation and they appreciate my ability to find win-win solutions by meeting them where they are at!

For further info on my services, click here.

Why I like Virtual Consults as a health practitioner:

My analytical mind loves virtual consults with clients. In virtual visits, I am better able to concentrate on your symptoms, feelings and overall health. It takes away the noise of running a full-time practice office and allows me more time to dive into research and case evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions


How easy are virtual consults?

So easy! Here’s how they work:

  1. You will get an email prior to your appointment which you click on the link and it will let you into the video platform. It’s super easy to use on a computer, phone or tablet.
  2. If you will be on your computer: Click Here for more info on how to access the Telemedicine platform.
  3. If you will be using your iPad or iPhone: Click Here for more info on how to access the Telemedicine platform.

As a Regulated Health Professional in Alberta, your healthcare is my priority— including physical exams. These will be arranged as necessary. 

Dr Bunzenmeyer ND is a fully regulated health practitioner in the province of Alberta with the CNDA. Regulated health practitioners are bound by certain terms by the Alberta government and include practitioners like Naturopathic Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Nurse Practitioners.

Dr. Bunzenmeyer has your utmost safety in mind—therefore is always assuring that when you need physical exam components of your care- she will either provide this herself or refer you to the most qualified regulated health practitioner to perform these aspects of care. Virtual consults do not take away from this component of care. It offers a convenient way of delivering health care to you while still keeping in check physical exams or lab aspects of care as needed.

How do I get the supplements that Dr. Bunzenmeyer recommends? (i.e. Vitamins, herbs or homeopathics)

Clients are welcome to purchase their supplements either through my Online Dispensary via Fullscript or at a health food store in their community. My commitment to my clients is to recommend natural health products that are of top quality and professional grade.

For my online dispensary, I use a company called Fullscript to fill all orders. They have professional-grade products from over 275 of the world’s top professional brands. It’s super easy and convenient for my clients to order online 24/7- any time of the day- to be shipped directly to their house! No more driving around town to run errands- easy and convenient! A win-win for all around!

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