Why are you tired and what can be done about it?

Did you know your low energy could be tied to what you are eating? You are what you eat! We’ve all heard this saying before AND most of us know a little about what’s healthy and maybe not so healthy for us. What impedes us from eating a well-rounded, healthy diet? Well, in my experience, it’s unique to each individual. I love sitting with people to decipher this. Through exploring what is going on at that moment with a person physically and/or emotionally, we usually come up with a few triggers. It could be stress and emotional eating, time constraint and low energy (how difficult is it to prepare food when we’re tired?!!)… or hormones (PMS is a sensitive time for many of us!)

Did you know the stress hormone cortisol triggers us to crave fat and sugar?

Whatever the trigger, if we are not eating healthy this is going to contribute to our low energy. This is what I love doing with people. Let’s figure out why you have those cravings. Let’s provide you with some naturopathic support through supplements (vitamins, herbs, homeopathics) and address your lifestyle. Then, we will watch with amazement as your body responds with increased energy and alertness!  It is truly amazing!  (Did I mention I love my job?!)

Did you know your low energy could be due to the excess amount of stress hormones revving through your body?

What about stress? How does this affect our energy? When we are stressed, our adrenal glands produce more adrenaline and cortisol to help us cope with the stress. If we have prolonged stress or intense stress, this cortisol might get so elevated from hyperstimulation of the adrenals that it’s difficult for us to sleep at night. It can be hard to fall asleep, or we can experience frequent waking through the night. Our adrenal glands can get so tired that they can’t produce the stress hormones we need – this causes EXTREME fatigue. Both circumstances of either hyperstimulated or exhausted adrenals can be supported through various herbs and nutritional remedies like Rhodiola, Siberian ginseng, magnolia, b-vitamins and diet tips that support blood sugar balancing.  These are all things I discuss with my clients to help them improve their energy and build resilience through times of stress.

Did you know that your low energy could be from toxic overload?

Toxins are such a “catch-all” phrase nowadays, BUT we are surrounded by various toxins daily. Toxins can come in many forms: pollution outside, pesticides or preservatives in our food, off-gassing of new furniture or housewares, just to name a few. At some point, our bodies can get overburdened with toxins which can lead to an impact on our thyroid, liver, and digestive tract.  Bromine found in commercial baked goods can interfere with thyroid function which can leave us tired, metabolism sluggishness and excess weight gain. Liver congestion can promote PMS symptoms and a slow digestion which can leave us tired and exhausted. Again, we’re like investigators trying to figure out what your body is telling us.  Once we do, we can give it support through vitamins, minerals and herbs.

There is a reason you are tired.

Let’s find it and give your body the support it needs so you can be at the top of your game!


I’m constantly excited for your health and all that you are capable of achieving. It is possible and you are beyond worthy.


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