Natural Remedies for Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management

There are many natural approaches to anxiety, depression and stress management.

I invite you to learn more about how I treat these health issues naturally.

Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Management Naturally

Naturopathic medicine offers many therapies and treatments options for mental health issues.  In my practice, I bring a gentle, caring attitude in my approach with people and recognize that everyone heals in different ways.

I welcome you to learn more about how I treat anxiety, depression and stress management with naturopathic medicine.

We live in a world full of stress but remarkably we all differ in how we perceive this stress.  Everyone manages stress in their own unique way.

When working with you, I work on first learning how you deal with stress and assess where weaknesses are.  We then work on those weaknesses to strengthen you and how you adapt to stress.

stress management
I look at stressors that you may not even realize are stressing your body, such as:

  • Nutritional stress from poor diet
  • Vitamin/mineral deficiencies
  • Excess toxic load (internal and environmental such as pollution and pesticides)
  • Structural stress (posture, trauma, excess work)

We then formulate a strategy to address these stressors through a naturopathic plan. When you are ready to work through these, support can come in many different forms:

  • Dietary suggestions
  • Adrenal/thyroid/liver support
  • Detoxing & cleansing
  • Meditation techniques
  • Lifestyle changes
Anxiety is a common condition that can be generalized to severely debilitating in a person’s lifestyle.

I have a special interest in working with people who have anxiety and through the years of learning about anxiety have a deep understanding how it affects the body from a physical and emotional perspective.  I have learned through my work, how to recognize triggers of anxiety including mental/emotional, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, dietary and neurotransmitter deficiencies.

My approach with anxiety includes educating you of the physiological responses in the body during anxiety and then working on how we can alleviate that physiological response through anxiety management techniques, meditation, calming herbal, nutritional & homeopathic remedies.  It is also imperative to address underlying triggers such as balancing blood sugar, nutritional deficiencies including co-factors for the production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters that aid in quelling anxiety.

My approach and goals when working with anxiety is two-fold:
1. To provide acute relief to help people cope with the acute, often constant anxiety in daily life.

2. To work on the underlying factors that are causing anxiety to help a person heal fully and through time feel optimally well and anxiety-free.

anxiety treatment
Naturopathic medicine offers many therapies and treatment options for depression.

In my practice, I work with a lot of people who have depression bringing a multi-faceted approach to treating depression.  I bring a gentle, caring attitude in my approach with people and recognize that everyone heals in different ways.  I like to find out the underlying causes of why depression is affecting you.

depression treatment
I want to examine all possible reasons that could be underlying including:

  • mental-emotional circumstances
  • low energy levels
  • stress history & ability to manage this stress
  • dietary changes including balancing blood sugar & food intolerances
  • nutritional & neurotransmitter deficiencies
  • hormonal imbalances

Naturopathic therapies offer a natural solution for depression addressing the above underlying concerns.

Mental and Emotional Component
In my clinical experience over the years, I have found that it is best for my clients to work with myself and a psychologist/mental health practitioner to get optimal results in treating anxiety and depression.

I can give you calming remedies or supplements for mood but looking at the mental/emotional piece will give you additional insight and is a beautiful learning journey about yourself to learn how to manage anxiety and/or mood.

I have built a network of psychologists that practice in various locations in the city that I trust and have worked extensively with on mutual cases.  I can refer you to see one of these psychologists so we can have a team approach to your health.

If you have a psychologist that you feel comfortable with, I am happy to work with them and let them know what we are doing naturopathically as well.  It’s a win-win, team approach to help you get the most optimal care possible.

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