Have you set a goal for eating healthy and exercising regularly in 2016? I would love to be your coach through this exciting transition- let me help you stay on track and be accountable!

  • Have you wanted to commit to eating a healthy dietBUT something is still off?
    Are you still craving the sugar from the holidays?
    Are you dragging yourself through your workday?
    Needing a little help with energy levels to help you eat well and exercise consistently?
    Needing some help with memory and concentration?
    Are you feeling the effects of winter- is mood a little down?

Here’s the thing I have noticed being in practice all these years- we make these New Year’s resolutions but somehow we find it difficult to stick to them for an extended period of time or at all. It may be the dark light the last couple months or the dreary days that make us crave more of those carbohydrates at this time of year.

Sometimes our bodies need a little physical support to help us get back on track. A customized naturopathic program tailored to your symptoms may just be the answer!

Chromium may be needed to help balance blood sugar to prevent those sugar cravings from occurring.
B vitamins or adrenal support might help us get our energy back so that we can prepare the meals we need to nourish our bodies and do the exercise that helps us feel better.
Liver nutrients such as milk thistle, NAC or dandelion may be needed to curb PMS symptoms including irritability, bloating and breast tenderness.
Magnesium can help with sleep and curb PMS cravings and period cramps.

Our body portrays the symptoms – we just need to listen so we can tailor a nutritional program to you!

I know for myself, I use a great detox protein powder that gives me nutrients like a multi-vitamin along with some nutrients and herbs to help give some gentle liver support.
It also has a healthy amount of protein to help keep me alert, satisfied and energized through the day. I find doing 2-3 weeks of this detox twice a year helps me pay attention to diet (they say it takes 3 weeks to get into a new habit), to help me feel energized and to help with concentration at work and in my family life as well.
I like giving myself this gift of nurturance – it feels supportive and just the thing I need to help me feel I can sail through the day with momentum!

I would love to help you feel your best and perform at the top of your game!
Let’s connect and build a customized naturopathic plan just for you!

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