If I could tell you 2 things that would catapult you even farther to the top– would you listen?

2 Words:



Let me explain how these two things can have a MAJOR IMPACT ON YOUR GAME!


Our thoughts are the building blocks of what creates our results. Have you ever heard the saying:

Thoughts generate à ACTIONS generate à RESULTS

So you can see that, what we are thinking can have a huge impact to whether or not we are at the top of our game! I have heard many times that research shows 90% of our thoughts are negative– that’s a lot of unworkable situations we can create in our head- even before we interact with the world! And if we are thinking that- IT CAN ALSO impact our results!

I challenge you to take a week- monitor those thoughts that come in- that you may not have been completely conscious with if you weren’t paying attention to them. This is called AWARENESS– once you get better at becoming aware of those thoughts- the next step is to re-frame and change them into a positive aspect.

For example- say I am at work and I am meeting with a team of co-workers. I put out a specific suggestion- it gets shot down by most people at the meeting. My thoughts could go into- “huh- they didn’t like my idea- well fine- if they don’t like my idea- what’s the point of trying to give my input”. This could run into the rest of the work day- “I’m not good enough…..nobody takes me seriously…. I never have any good ideas etc etc.”

If I catch myself with those thoughts- I can say to myself- “okay- I gave one suggestion- I think it was a very good suggestion (being confident and not taking it personally)- but if the majority of the group doesn’t want to run with it- I can let it go- no bruise to my ego.” I move on with my work day- move on to the next task at hand.

Thoughts can affect your performance and being at the top of your game!



Have you heard the saying- “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT?”

I deeply and completely believe in this statement! Let me paint a picture of two possible diet scenarios:

Do you want a diet that causes your blood sugar to yo-yo even more than you drive your children around?! (haha- a little humour there!) Picture this- hypothetical Ralph starts his day with skipping breakfast or maybe grabbing a coffee and a croissant (hint-no protein!).   Ravenous around 10:30 because that blood sugar has decreased he grabs a fruit leather snack (sugar). Around 1 pm he realizes he forgot to eat so he picks up a burger and fries- with extra BBQ sauce. Around 4pm- again- craving something sweet because his energy has plummeted and – “ boyis it ever difficult to concentrate” (he thinks to himself) – he reaches into his desk drawer for some leftover chocolate from Christmas.   Guess what? He does it an hour later because his sugars have dropped and he’s tired and he can’t concentrate – again! The rest of the day carries on that way!

Or- would you prefer to have Sally’s A-game diet that supports her energy and concentration throughout the day and helps her be aware of her thoughts to be at the top of her game:

She is a firm believer in protein with each meal, eating complex carbs vs refined carbs and healthy fat choices that keep her satisfied longer– curbing cravings and filling her up. This looks something like this- boiled eggs with multigrain toast for breakfast, a couple of raw almonds at 10:30 and noon a large salad with chicken or fish. Mid-afternoon– she’s about to go into a 2 hour meeting at 2 pm- so she makes sure to have a balanced snack- her favorite- apple with some almond butter- to keep her concentration at peak performance– because boy does she need it! She feels energized, super focused and excited about what’s next all through her day!


Two words- to help you be at the top of your game:




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